Professional Masters Information Technology (PMIT)

The programme PMIT is designed to provide avenue for people with non-IT background and / or people that want to specialise on practical application of Information Technology in industries. To fill this important gap, the Department of Information Technology, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola designed the PMIT. The details of the curriculum are as presented below.


Information Technology systems are playing a critical role in all aspects of modern life and are influencing the performance of all sectors of national and local economies. Current information systems are making it possible for organizations to improve the way they conduct business in a variety of ways. Enterprise in both the private and public sectors are increasingly employing information and communication to facilitate the critical operation and management of scarce resources.

Sectors such as health care, agriculture and energy are benefitting immensely from the introduction of information systems. Similarly in the oil industry and most manufacturing firms, information and communication technology systems are employed in all phases of operation, including upstream, production and downstream activities. Modern communication systems have enabled the wireless exchange of data, video and voice packets anywhere across the globe. Sensor network s is being used in the energy and environment for monitoring   performance and their impact. Knowledge of   the potential impact of information system and the ability to put this knowledge to work can result in a successful personal career, Organizations that reach their goals and a society with a higher quality of life. The PMIT is guided by the need to develop knowledge of an aspect information and communication technology that can be applied thoughtfully and carefully to the benefit of society’s  business and industry for overall national development.

Aim and Objectives

The PMIT programme is a Non-academic programme which does not require a formal research. It is designed to produce skilled information Technology professionals by facilitating learning through a variety of pedagogical methods, technologies and environments. In addition, the programme aims to educate IT managers and professionals with the requisite technical and management knowledge in the design, development and management of   information systems. Specifically, the programme seeks to inculcate in students:

  1. Current knowledge of information and communication technology in areas such as IT enterprise management, knowledge and information management, Internet and Web technologies, business analytics etc.
  2. Technical and management knowledge and their integration for designing, developing and managing ICT systems.
  3. The solid foundations for sustainable self – development in a rapidly changing ICT World.

Admission Requirements

Candidate for PMIT programme in Information Technology should possess at least a second class honours (lower division) degree in either Science or Engineering. Graduates from Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola or any other University of Technology recognised by senate of the University may apply for admission.

Mode of Study

The mode of study for the programme shall be by comprehensive course work to be assessed by written examination accompanied with project to be defended in an oral examination before a panel of examiner. The candidates are expected to apply the knowledge acquired during comprehensive course work in their area of first degree or place of work.

Graduation Requirements

To be awarded PMIT, a candidate must have taken and passed the prescribed number of compulsory and elective courses totalling 39 Units as follows:

TYPES OF COURSES Year One Semester 1 Year One Semester 2 Year Two Semester 1 Total Units
Compulsory 14 12 6 32
Elective 4 4 8
Total 18 16 6 40