International Conference & Workshop

In partnership and collaboration with the National Productivity Centre (NPC), Abuja, Prof ARTHUR UME will be organizing an International Conference and Workshop at the Admiralty University of Nigeria by 2020.

 Theme of International conference:

“Productivity & Performance improvement through Emerging ICT Solutions: Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, Smart devices, Embedded smart systems, RFID-Remote Sensing, Mechatronics”


  • Emerging ICT for Improving  Productivity and Performance
  • Management and Development of Smart Systems, Smart devices
  • Emerging ICT for Enterprise Computing
  • Emerging ICT in Health
  • Emerging ICT in Agriculture
  • Planning for Improved Agro-hydro-eco-Environmental Amelioration
  • Policy Issues in Public Productivity
  • Public Productivity Education
  •  ICT for Fighting, Tracking and Curbing the Effects of Climate Change (Global Warming)
  • Emerging ICT in Public Security

workshop topic-combo:

  1. IT Project Management for Success
  2. Applied Soft Computing for Enterprise Applications Development
  3. Productivity & Performance Issues in Nigeria and Way Forward
  4. Measuring and Planning for Improved  Productivity and  Performance (Metrics)
  5. RFID and Remote Sensing for Improved Public Security

Note: Certificate of Successful completion of the above 5-Topic combo will be given out in collaboration with National Productivity Centre (NPC), Abuja.

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Present Initiative

Under a present Initiative, Prof. ARTHUR UME in collaboration with the National Productivity Centre (NPC), Abuja  will be investigating the  emerging technologies of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Smart sytems, Smart Devices to assist Federal, State, Local, and private organizations in Nigeria towards  improving the productive capacities of the Nigerian citizenry.

Through the Postings herewith he will be announcing stages and penetration of this collaborative effort.

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