Mentorship & Advisement Corner

  • If you recently attended any of Prof. Arthur U. Ume’s FREE Seminars, you have an option and priviledge to benefit from his Online Advisement & Mentorship Academy, AMA.
  • To do so, you need to scroll down to the Categories by the right coner, Choose [AMA -Academy *Blog for FREE Seminar Attendees], Choose the topical area you wish to benefit from, and then in the Comments section, Type in any hitches you have with your Business’ Web Presence or the questions you want Professor Arthur U. Ume to discuss with you. Make sure you enter your Names and Email address which you wrote down while attending the FREE seminar. Ask your question(s) ….and Prof. Arthur U. Ume will sure get back to you.


  • Also, if you are an undergraduate student at the Department of Information Technology – Infotech [Levels 100-500], you can directly interact with the HOD by clicking “Mentorship & Advisement” under  Recent Posts by the right hand corner .

In the Comments section, make sure you enter your Student Matric ID and Email address ….and the HOD, Prof. Arthur U. Ume will get back to you.