Managing Your Enterprise Business Information & Data [PART ONE]

The Nature of Enterprise Information & Data.


Enterprise information/data is a collection of facts organized in such a way that they have additional business or operational value beyond the value of the raw facts themselves…for the enterprise.

In every organization, the enterprise data/information determines the following important business and operational drivers:

  • Decision making.
  • Reporting.
  • Product development.
  • Resource allocation.
Attributes of Enterprise Information and Data
  • MUST possess the following …




4.Organized for a purpose

5.Context that gives meaning and relevance

6.Engagement that can affect behavior,  decision or an outcome

The Three Concerns of Enterprise Information & Data

1.Users of the Information or Data:

  • Who they are
  • What roles the users play in the organization; experts or laymen; decision makers or worker bees
  • What formats are easiest for them to handle
  • What languages do they work in

2.The Content of the Information or Data

  • How to organize the content
  • The label of the information or data; (ie. What metadata to add)
  • Navigation and navigability of mode of effective rendering the information or data (Whether to run Top-down discovery or Bottom-up discovery or both)

3.The Context of the Information or Data

  • What is the need of the information to the organization ; …the bottom line here is that “any technology used to handle information must serve the need of the organization”
  • How will the information be used

Note: As an  Enterprise Architect you must be  keenly interested in where these three concerns meet and intersect!