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Arthur Uchenna Ume (Professor in Software Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Profile of Professor Arthur Uchenna Ume

Arthur U. Ume is an International Scholar living in Hungaryand the United States. Presently, he doubles as the Dean of the Faculty of Science at the Admiralty University of Nigeria.   Before this, as a University Professor, he was among the pioneer Faculty members who started and stabilized the School of Information Technology at the American University of Nigeria.

Prof. Ume also had an extensive teaching and industrial experience in fields relating to Information Technology, Software Engineering and Computer science in Europe and the United States. His doctoral thesis examined extensive introduction of innovative systems and technologies in Europe in the late eighties. He also led teams to build industry-strength software solutions in the United States.  While at the American University of Nigeria he doubled as the director of the African Center for ICT under the American University of Nigeria, Yola – Adamawa State.

Prof. Ume’s present areas of research are in the Emerging Information and Communications Technology and Business Intelligence (BI). These include case-studies on how to use ICTs to tackle and combat the environmental degradation caused by climate change in the West Africa sahel regions. Presently,  he supervises postgraduate studies on how to leverage emerging ICT and business intelligence for decision-making in key sectors of developing countries, such as the  Prisons, Education Sector and Health Care System.

While in the US Prof. Arthur Ume led IT Project teams that built industry-strength and industry-refereed software applications which are still in use in the present day, such as the “WYSTAR” for PNC Bank; the “FISAP” for the US Department of Education (DOE); the “EARS FRAMEWORK” for the US Department of Commerce (DOC) and “PROJECT SEED” for the American Chemical Society.

Arthur Ume has produced and presented numerous scientific papers at international conferences based on his research. His publications include articles on Enterprise Solutions, Emerging computer interaction styles, Embedded systems, Software engineering and ethics. He just finished producing and publishing a university textbook  for university students in the sub-sahara regionA Handbook on Computer Information Systems Design & Applications Development.

His contribution to teaching in the field of Information technology, Computer science, Software engineering and IT Project management is highly recognized in the Universities where he presently teaches as an International scholar.  Prof. Ume was the organizer of an international conference on Sustainable Development at Baze University Abuja in January 2015, in which renowned experts from business, environment, and computer engineering sectors actively participated. His professional qualifications include a doctorate degree and two Masters’ degrees in relevant fields of Information Technology/Computer Systems Development, Software Engineering and IT Project Management. He is in the process of organizing another International conference in collaboration with the National Productivity Centre, Abuja.


  1. Surname Ume
  2. Other Names Arthur Uche
  3. Nationality African American
  4. Marital Status: Married
  5. Present Appointment: Professor of Software Engineering & Computer Science; [DEAN], Faculty Of Science ADMIRAL UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA.

a) Szent Istvan University of Godollo (SZIU) Hungary,  M.Sc.

b) American InterContinental University, Washington DC, M.Sc.

c) Szent Istvan University of Godollo (SZIU) Hungary,  University Doctor


a) Dean, Faculty of Science Admiralty University of Nigeria: Presently

b)Professor, Head & Chair of Department: 2016 – 2019

c) Visiting International Scholar & Professor: 2015 – 2016

d) Visiting International Scholar & Professor: 2013 – 2015

e) Associate Professor(Computer Science & Software Engineering): 2013

  1. African Council for Communication Education (ACCE)
  2. American Chemical Society, Washington DC USA
  3. Computing Technology Industry Association, USA
  4. Society of Professional Administrators and Record Keepers USA


  • Leveraging Emerging Innovations in ICT to Improve Enterprise Computing & Agriculture
  • Emerging Interaction Styles in Enterprise Computing
  • Using ICT to Tackle Climate Change

Postgraduate Supervision Till Date:   26 M.Sc. and 4 PhD.

Publications: 1 University Textbook, 30 Journal Articles and 10 Conference Papers

Industry Productive Works: 5 Industry-Strength Software and Computer Applications

Languages: Advanced English; Advanced Hungarian & Elementary French