• This is a Web Presence and  Professional “Think-Tank” led by Prof. ARTHUR UME. The Web Presence is currently stationed at the ADMIRALTY UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA  for insights and incubation of ideas on emerging Technologies in Information and Communication Technologies,  Software Engineering and Enterprise Architecture. The site is  devoted primarily towards providing  fora and platforms for interaction and discussions on how to leverage Enterprise Computing & Emerging ICT Solutions towards  productivity and performance improvement.

Prof. Ume’s Think-Tank through its applied research writes and suggests practical ways of using Technologies such as Wearables, IoT, Smart systems, Smart devices, Artificial Intelligence, RFID/Remote Sensing, and scalable Enterprise Application Systems  to solve  persisting social and environmental issues.

Under his present Initiative in Africa, he is working in partnership with the Admiralty University of Nigeria in collaboration with the National Productivity Centre (NPC), Abuja to showcase the afore-mentioned technologies for the attainment of higher levels of National productivity, performance and competitiveness in Nigeria.

  • This Web Presence also serves as a Blog Handle for a Community  Outreach (Mentorship) Program for young Lecturers, young IT Experts (beginners) in Emerging ICT Solutions, Software Engineering and Enterprise Architecture.

To  benefit from this Mentorship Outreach, you must either be an enrolled student at the ADMIRALTY UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA or  might have attended one of Prof. Arthur Ume’s FREE Community Seminars. You can directly reach Prof. UME at the following email addresses for more information on his outreach programs:

  • drarthurume@gmail.com
  • prof.arthurume@gmail.com