International Conference & Workshop

In partnership and collaboration with the National Productivity Centre (NPC), Abuja, Prof ARTHUR UME will be organizing an International Conference and Workshop by 2019.

 Theme of International conference:

“Productivity & Performance improvement through Emerging ICTs: Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, Smart devices, Embedded smart systems, RFID-Remote Sensing, Mechatronics”


  • Emerging ICT for Improving  Productivity and Performance
  • Management and Development of Smart Systems, Smart devices
  • Emerging ICT for Enterprise Computing
  • Emerging ICT in Health
  • Emerging ICT in Agriculture
  • Planning for Improved Agro-hydro-eco-Environmental Amelioration
  • Policy Issues in Public Productivity
  • Public Productivity Education
  •  ICT for Fighting, Tracking and Curbing the Effects of Climate Change (Global Warming)
  • Emerging ICT in Public Security

workshop topic-combo:

  1. IT Project Management for Success
  2. Applied Soft Computing for Enterprise Applications Development
  3. Productivity & Performance Issues in Nigeria and Way Forward
  4. Measuring and Planning for Improved  Productivity and  Performance (Metrics)
  5. RFID and Remote Sensing for Improved Public Security

Note: Certificate of Successful completion of the above 5-Topic combo will be given out in collaboration with National Productivity Centre (NPC), Abuja.

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