Innovative PG Research Works

  1. Framework for Leveraging Climate Smart Agriculture for Improved Yield in Rice Farms ….by Khalid Idris
  2. An IoT-based Enterprise Application for Remote Monitoring in Intensive Care Unit for Federal Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria …by Ahmed Abubakar
  3. A Smart Framework for Resolving Farmers and Herdsmen Conflict in Nigeria Using IoT….by Baba Nafada Ladi.
  4. Postgraduate Admission in Nigeria Universities Using Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)….by Gago Kindness Bulus.
  5. Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy System For Predicting the Existence of Diabetics Mellitus…by Auwal Nata’Ala.




Latest News at Infotech

  • The Department has gone full-swing with ALL students’ activities on the 14th May, 2018 based on a decision by the University Senate.
  • The Department is presently vetting and conducting Initial Proposal defense for Senior Design Projects (SDP) for ALL final year students. 
  • If you are a 500-level student, make sure you approach your Project Supervisor, and attend this initial proposal defense infront of your designated panel. [June 25/26 2018 had been set aside for this excercise].
  • The Department has finished conducting End of Semester Examinations for [Levels 300-500].
  • The Department is starting to conduct End of Semester Examinations for [Levels 100-200].
  • If you are a 100 level or 200 level student, make sure you go for your exams on time at the designated Examination Halls!
  • Exam Time-table and Venues will be posted on the Department Notice boards!


  • Class Lectures for Masters Degree courses are still on-going at the Department.


  • Repairs on damaged parts of the SMIT Auditoriums are still ongoing, and almost DONE.
  • The HOD is attending to all student needs and requests  such as …Sign-off forms, Scholarship forms’ endorsements, mentorship etc. You can always reach him in his office, through your level-coordinator or directly through this Web Presence and Blog Handle!
  • Ensuing activities will be tracked and announced on this page as soon as they unfold.

…this page will be frequently populated and updated!