Ph.D. Information Technology (PhD-IT)


This is an advanced programme of study with strong focus on the research aspects of advances in Computing and Information Technology (Project Management, and Database & Intelligent Systems). The programme prepares postgraduates students for increased responsibility in a variety of areas such as high-level management position in industry and government, faculty careers in higher education and occupations in policy analysis and research. The duration of the programme is three years with a course work of one year concurrently with research.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the Ph.D. Information Technology programme is the provision of advanced training and research skills in emerging technologies of Computing and Information Technology. It is hoped that on completion of the programme, students should have acquired special skills and abilities to understand the various approaches and techniques of using computing in broad areas that would enhance the economic or/and living standard of people around the world.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Develop in students core research skills
  2. Expose students to advanced emerging technologies and its applications
  3. Deliver a curriculum that embodies application of Information Technology in multi-disciplinary, especially but not limited to, Finance and Optimization of Resources.

Eligibility for Ph.D. Information Technology

  • Candidates with Master degree in Information Technology or Computer Science with 3.5 CGPA on a scale of 5 or 60% and above from a recognised institution are eligible for admission to this course.
  • Entrance test may be conducted by the department for candidates that are eligible for admission
  • Admission is strictly on availability of resource person in the area of candidate’s interest

Mode of Study

The Ph.D. Information Technology programme is offered on full-time basis only. The programme shall be pursued through one year course work to be examined at the end of each semester and research work to be presented as dissertation at the end of the programme. The duration of the programme shall be:

  1. Normal duration: Six (6) Semesters, which shall be thirty-six (36) months
  2. Minimum duration: Five (5) Semesters, which shall not be less than thirty (30) months
  3. Maximum duration: Nine (9) Semesters, which shall not be more than fifty-four months

Graduation Requirements

  • To be awarded Ph.D. Information Technology degree, a candidate must satisfy the following:
  1. Pass Six courses (2 credit units each) 12 Units
  2. Successfully Present a Dissertation proposal (Research Project I) 02 Units
  3. Successfully Present a Dissertation Seminar (Research Project II) 02 Units
  4. Successfully Present a Dissertation Internal Defense (Research Project III) 02 Units
  5. Successfully Present a Dissertation viva (Research Project IV) 08 Units